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People at all stages in their careers work too much and neglect other areas of their lives far too often. This habit has become even more problematic with the transition to work from home opportunities. Having their work with them in the home gives people the opportunity to get more done with greater efficiency, but that may lead to spending that much more time overworking.

Leaders Can’t Always Be There

As a leader, you know that you need to be available for your team as much as possible. When they have a problem, they will need to come to you to help them see things from a different perspective. Often, you can offer insights or solutions that they hadn’t considered. However, you can’t be there for them 24 hours a day.

If you are finding that your team is consistently needing your help, you should take the time to analyze the underlying problem. There may be a lack of training with one or two members of your team, forcing your entire team into a consistent “crunch time” state. Alternatively, there may be miscommunication between team members, leading to confusion and a lack of direction. Take the time to analyze the situation and implement solutions that help your team function more independently.

Team Members Should Be Taught to Work Smart

If you’re not a team leader, you still have control over your own actions, and you should avoid taking on more than you can realistically handle. When you do so, you risk making unnecessary mistakes, and you’ll be overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion. If your leader assigns too much work to you, it’s better to speak up and ask for help.

Additionally, plan out your tasks for the day in advance. Unless you work in a situation in which you’re consistently performing the same task over and over, you should map out a strategy for each day. By completing your most challenging tasks first, you’ll get them out of the way and reduce the stress you feel. This leaves less pressing tasks for the later part of your day when you’re not quite as energetic.

It often becomes difficult to see when we are overworking ourselves. To prevent falling into this type of cycle, you should set up a strict schedule and adhere to it. Even when you’re working from home, outlining the hours you intend to work will help you create a more balanced routine.