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When it comes to saving money, some tips are worth keeping in mind whatever the circumstances. Maintaining a careful budget, for example, is a useful strategy in any economy. So is using cash so that you’re not tempted to overspend with your credit card. There are other strategies, however, that arise out of a particular set of circumstances.

At the moment, the economic situation is largely defined by the remarkably low interest rates. You should take this reality into account as you determine your saving strategies. Here are some tips to consider as you seek to make the most of the situation.

Worry More About Savings, Less About Where You Stash Them

In normal times, saving money is only half the battle. Once you’ve got a little set aside, you need to determine what type of account or investment will give you the greatest earnings in interest. With interest rates so low, however, finding the best option is no longer so important. When even bonds return so little, you could be excused just leaving your savings in a checking account. In this economy, it’s the savings themselves that matters.

Stay Disciplined

Since you can’t count on high interest rates to boost your savings, you need to be even more disciplined than usual about matching your saving goals. Your account isn’t going to grow much of its own accord, so you need to keep it rising by adding to it on a regular basis. Make sure you stick to your daily saving plan, and don’t allow yourself any infringements on your monthly budget.

Consider Investing In The Market

In a typical economy, you can leave your money in a savings account and count on regular growth. Without that option, you might need to get a little more adventurous if you’re hoping to see a return on your investments. The stock market is certainly a great way to increase your overall wealth, but it’s also risky. Make sure you have plenty of money stashed in secure locations before risking anything in the volatile market. Also, stick to mutual funds and similarly safe investments. Day trading or similarly risky maneuvers can cost you your savings in a heartbeat.