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When it comes time for you to return to the job market in search of something new, you’ll likely apply for every position for which you qualify. Even if you’re not especially excited by the job posting, you’re probably thinking to yourself that it’s better to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. However, if you do get an invitation to interview for those positions, your mood may have changed, and you may be reluctant to pursue the position. Here are three reasons you should take that interview.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

At the very least, attending every interview you get a call to attend will give you practice. Interviews are like any other activity in that more practice will help you get better at your performance. You’ll learn which outfits feel best on you and how best to hold your posture. You’ll also get plenty of chances to refine your answers to common interview questions.

You May Not Get a Better Offer

As much as you would like that position with a larger or more prestigious company, you should be prepared for the possibility that they won’t give you a call back. In an economy in which jobs are hard to come by, you can’t afford to let any position slip through your fingers. Go to that interview and, if that’s the first job offer that comes your way, take it. There’s no reason you have to stay there forever. If that prestigious firm calls, you can always make a different decision down the road.

The Job May Be a Better Fit Than You Expect

Recruiters and hiring managers may be good at their own jobs, but they rarely have thorough knowledge of what it’s like to work in any department within the organization. Therefore, the job announcements they create will usually supply just enough information to attract a general sampling of candidates. When you attend the interview, you’ll have the chance to learn more about the open position, and you may find it to be a better fit than you anticipated.

There’s always something you can gain from any job interview. Even if all you learn is that there are certain positions for which you have no interest, you will still have learned and grown from the experience. You can use each interview to help you refine what positions you are interested in taking.