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Most small businesses think that their most imperative investment is in the research and development of a product or in the equipment. However, the most crucial assets in every company are the employees. The truth of the matter is that it is the company employees who adhere to the company’s brand values, communicate with clients as well as help the business advance and grow. That being said, it is certainly in the best interest of a small business to know ways and strategies through which they can support their staff members. On that premise, the following article presents the importance of having strong support staff in small businesses.


If a staff member feels cared for and valued, he or she is more likely to value the business in return. Also, they are more likely to feel a sense of support and belonging in a way that the company becomes part of their sense of meaning and purpose as well as identity. The truth of the matter is that employees who feel values feel more loyal and committed to the company they work for.

Job satisfaction

In addition to commitment, staff members who feel values by their company are more satisfied with their job. Indeed, their overall attitude is positive, and they feel much happier at work. Staff members who are properly supported by their organization are more likely to feel that help will be available if needed and that their hard work is appreciated.

Job interest and performance

Supporting staff members at the workplace also increases the staff’s feelings of competence, which in turn increases their interest in their job. In addition to that, small businesses who support their employees will surely notice that their staff’s performance will improve, they are more likely to take the initiative and go beyond their required duties, and they will even help their coworkers gain skills and knowledge. 


Supported staff members are less likely to leave their job for another one, even if the latter offers better pay, more freedom, and status.