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Since the pandemic hit, businesses of all sizes have taken a hit. Many people that would otherwise be customers for small business have to carefully plan their purchases, making it challenging for these business owners to stay afloat. Unfortunately, this has forced many local businesses to close. 


For business owners who aren’t ready to throw in the towel, there’s a major strategy they can use to increase sales: marketing. Here’s a list of simple, cost-effective marketing strategies to increase customers during the pandemic. 


Make Customers Feel Important 

In these hard times, there are customers that want to visit their favorite local businesses but simply can’t afford to. Sending them something to know they’re important can help lift their spirits and makes them more likely to patronize businesses. 


Get Creative  

For business owners struggling to make ends meet, it’s a good idea to use some creativity and adapt. Of course, there are essential items most families need in this pandemic. By surveying loyal customers and finding out what they need most, small businesses can modify what they make to satisfy those demands. 


In addition to making physical products, surveying customers who miss their favorite places can help business owners create virtual solutions for in-person problems. For instance, if a small business makes a popular pastry, they can offer a virtual class on how to recreate it at home to make money. 


Take Advantage of Social Media  

With nearly 80 percent of Americans on social media, small business owners should definitely take advantage of these platforms. Simple gestures like posting more and interacting with current followers increase the likelihood of drawing in revenue. 


When a new product comes out and needs promoting, social media is a great way to do so, especially with more people shopping online. Starting a personal conversation or sending a direct message to existing customers are also effective ways to keep them updated. 


Until this pandemic passes, local business owners must find new ways to create revenue. With creative marketing strategies, small businesses can weather the storm.